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Best. Short story. EVAR.




(I need someone to geekily pretend I'm an English major with.)

It's been a while

A few weeks ago, visiting my grandfather in the hospital, I ran across this man at the entrance. One of his eyes had gauze taped over it, poor guy... but what struck me was his pissy disposition. His frown looked like one-half of the McDonald's arch, jutting out from his chin, his upper lip stiffly obscuring his lower one. I think I will wonder all my life what he was so angry about. I mean I know he'd just lost an eye or something, but it seemed more than that. It seemed like he had a vendetta against someone, probably the someone who poked that optic out.

Or maybe he was just mad he didn't get a super-cool pirate eyepatch. I know I would be.

Like I said, poor guy.

SDTS Chapter List

This is your one-stop shop for all the chapters of my My So-Called Life fanfiction, "Staring Down The Sun". Currently I have eight chapters posted, but the last two need work. The other six have been edited TODAY (6/21/08), and I've made some major changes, so be sure to check them out!

Chapter 1: "Worst. Day. Ever."
Chapter 2: "And The Irony Award Goes To..."
Chapter 3: "It Was All A Dream"
Chapter 4: "Swallowing The Universe"
Chapter 5: "Possibly Beautiful"
Chapter 6: "Haiku For Her"

Meme x2

Because I had to reward myself for doing absolutely nothing all day! Woohoo!

leobrat asked me five questions in her meme. Answers here, complete with a Shakespeare quote!Collapse )

Comment to the post and I'll ask you five, thought-provoking questions.

A meme I just thought up: Since I love to ramble about philosophy and symbolism and metaphors, ask me a question (fandom-related or not) that I can pick apart and analyze. Hopefully this will lead to some intelligent conversation! ...Or maybe not.

Staring Down The Sun Trailer

Experience the crappiness.

It's heeere...Collapse )


Chapter Title: "Lobotomized"
Fandom: My So-Called Life
Pairings/Characters: Rayanne/Sharon, Angela, Rickie, Amber and others.
Rating: PG-13 for "it's a kissing story", drug use, swearing, mentions of sex and teenage-brand humour.
Word Count: 3747
DISCLAIMER: Yeah yeah yeah.

Summary: Angela has news, Sharon has a proposition, and the prodigal mother returns.

Past chapters here

Note to self: do not get too close to Doomsday Device. Do not flirt with Doomsday Device, even though it may take all your strength to resist.Collapse )

Male bonding fics!

Aka the two challenge fanfics I've finally gotten around to posting after, like, ten years. D'oh!

DISCLAIMER: I don't own either of these shows.

Title: "Jordan and the Brain"
Fandom: My So-Called Life
Characters: Jordan Catalano (full name required) and Brian
Rating: G
Prompt: "Television" at msclfanfic
Word Count: 534

Summary: Brian returns home from a long day at school and finds the unlikeliest of people watching cartoons in his living room.

One is a genius, the other's insane...Collapse )

Title: "Spit Brothers"
Fandom: Friday Night Lights
Characters: Landry and Matt
Rating: PG
Prompt: This picture at panther_mania
Word Count: 992

Summary: Landry tries to forget everything that's happened to him, but memories flood in as he spends an afternoon with his best friend. Set between episodes 2.09 and 2.10.

You think anything ever changes around here?Collapse )



Chapter Title: "Complete(ly Miserable)"
Fandom: My So-Called Life
Pairings/Characters: Rayanne/Sharon, Angela, Rickie, Amber and others.
Rating: PG-13 for "it's a kissing story", drug use, swearing, mentions of sex and teenage-brand humour.
Word Count: 4575
DISCLAIMER: Still live with my parents.

Summary: On a field trip to the art museum, Rayanne's reading Angela's unsent letter when she overhears a fight...

This one's for you, lalagirl33 (aka beta extraordinare)!

Past chapters here

Seeing this painting, which a four-year-old drew of his two mommies, has made me want to maul you with unrelenting lust.Collapse )

'Tis Ficcage!

I come bearing Christmas presents! Drabbles and a ficlet for mah bud. Fandom for both is My So-Called Life.

Titles: "Candles"; "Carols"; "Charity"
Pairings/Characters: Brian, Jordan, Rickie; Rayanne/Sharon; Angela and Danielle
Rating: G-ish (slight femslash in the middle)
Prompt: Holiday Cheer atmsclfanfic
Word Count: 5 x 100
Disclaimer: Don't own, don't own, don't own.

Summary: 'Tis the season for the MSCL kids: the boys play with fire, Rayanne tries to distract Sharon, and Danielle gets Angela a gift.

Drabbley goodness.


Title: "The Gift Of Giving"
Characters: Rayanne, Angela (mentions others)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 543

For lalagirl33, who wanted a Raynie Christmas special. Merry Xmas dudes! (I still need to edit this one, sorry if it's a tad rough.)

But as she's heading down the food aisle, she gets an idea. A wicked, fantastical, splendifirous idea.Collapse )


He'll ask, "Are you married?" We'll say, "No man. But you can do the job while you're in town!"

I have no clue who Parson Brown is, but I love that song.

ANYWAY, check it out! I come bearing gifts. Er, a gift, anyway. My first published vid since... well, Halloween. It's not really Christmassy, but everyone digs Jordan Catalano, right? So, presenting "Not Another Catalano Movie"! Featuring Red and Angela Chase! (Who, contrary to popular belief, are not the same person. One's a car for Chrissakes!)

Vid, Lyrics and NotesCollapse )

And now, for fun timez: Christmas Watching List!

I'm a Jew, a lonely Jew, on Christmas...Collapse )


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