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The Orange Parka Award

(In all actuality, NOT an award.)

Kenny McCormick, Death's Best Friend
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Ugh, God. I hate this part with a passion. How exactly does one summarize themselves, anyway? Well, I guess I'll start with the basics.

I am an eighteen-year-old female from Canada who has no life. No, seriously. I'm not saying that to be "cute" or what have you; I really have no life. Um, my livejournal hobbies... reading and writing fanfiction, snarking, and pretending to be deep. Pretty much just like everyone else on here. ;)

DISCLAIMER: The majority of my entries will not make sense to the general public. They will also include plenty of annoying 'net words, such as "win", "Oh Em Gee", and the insufferable "pwn". Please excuse me for any "fangirling" or "wanking" on my part. I apologize in advance for burninating anyone's eyes.

Also, I am not Strong Bad. But dammit, I wish like whoa that I was.